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20 Decades of Expertise Growing Online Firms

1-grid: Leveraging Two Decades of Hosting, Security, and Design Experience to Help South African SMEs Thrive Online


Posted: September 26, 2020

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TL; DR: For more than two years, the team behind 1-grid has provided comprehensive web hosting options to its South African community. Now, the company is leveraging its expertise to focus on allowing expansion through dependable and fast hosting, site-building solutions that are flexible, and proactive protection. 1-grid’s new social media marketing companies around its portfolio of products, which makes it simpler than ever for small and medium companies to build and maintain an online presence. Share

Small companies are critical to job creation in South Africa, where unemployment rates have soared to an alarming 29 percent as of the second quarter of 2019.

web grid host


Recognizing the value of entrepreneurship as a vehicle for economic growth, the South African authorities went up to establishing that the Ministry of Small Business Development at 2014, placing SMEs at the middle of job creation.


The country’s tech community can be doing its part to stem joblessness by boosting a fertile ecosystem. In 2017, Gridhost — one of South Africa’s biggest hosting providers — rebranded itself as 1-grid to signify the enthusiasm for business growth and empowerment of the company.

1-grid logo1-grid assists SMEs flourish online.

“1-grid specifically focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses succeed online,” said Dane Miller, Head of Marketing for the company. “We strive to allow development for entrepreneurs in our African market through innovative hosting solutions and much more.”

The company delivers a broad array of tools for constructing and maintaining an online presence, including domain registration services; shared, virtual, and dedicated servers; a DIY website builder; and ongoing security protection. All services come backed by automatic backups specialist support via chat or phone, and billing with no vendor lock-in.

Ultimately, 1-grid’s objective is to empower entrepreneurial growth on the internet by providing intuitive and flexible possibilities for hosting, construction, and shielding SME sites. And through better rankings and increased traffic, it will also drive growth with the company’s new social media marketing and SEO services.

Dane told us that 1-grid’s story began in 1997 with the heritage of Webafrica, an online service provider (ISP) that offered a wide assortment of services, from broadband and modems to internet hosting and domain administration. In 2013, Webafrica bought Gridhost to supplement its hosting offerings with shared alternatives.

As the industry grew more complicated, Webafrica realized that trying to give everything web-related under one brand was overly cumbersome, so the company formally split the businesses into two. At that point, Gridhost became 1-grid.

“Today, Webafrica specializes in internet accessibility, and 1-grid concentrates on hosting and design-related services,” Dane said. “1-grid now differentiates itself in the hosting marketplace by growing along with our small and medium-sized online business clients — no matter what stage they are in.”

Icons representing 1-grid’s feature setThe provider specializes in quick and dependable hosting supported by knowledg able support.

Today, 1-grid has been taking seriously its commitment to growing small businesses in South Africa. The company partnered with students from the University of Cape Town to supply the tools they needed to establish their own businesses as part of an entrepreneurship program.

In addition to hosting services, 1-grid provided a domain name, SSL certificate, and accessibility to its instinctive site builder.

“We wanted to offer the pupils with the required support to grow their companies,” 1-grid’s Craig Feste told South Africa Business Report. “Young people make great entrepreneurs because they can approach old problems in new and innovative ways. However, they frequently lack the expertise and tools required to acquire online. This is where we can step in to give the students a step up.”