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Many customers have said that the exfoliant damages the skin and clogs the pores.

After weeks of teasing, Kylie Jenner launched yesterday, Wednesday May 22, 2019, the brand Kylie Skin. Already queen on the make-up market with the paraphernalia of products signed Kylie Cosmetics, the 21-year-old young billionaire is today entering the world of skincare and offering her vision of skincare. On the menu of Kylie Skin, a complete range with sublime pink packaging including: a moisturizing cream, an eye contour cream, a foaming facial cleanser, a tonic vanilla lotion, a vitamin C serum and an exfoliant for the face enriched with nuts.
A debatable nut exfoliant
In a video presenting the range published in mass on social networks, the mother of little Stormi dwells on the famous exfoliant which she describes as her secret to a radiant face and the key to soft skin… taking care to point out that she only uses it two or three per week:

“Some facial scrubs are a bit strong for the skin. But this one is not too abrasive, it really gives my face a feeling of softness! ”

But that did not convince fans of the pretty brunette… reluctant to use a nut product, the nut being reputed to be very abrasive and harmful for the skin, even more so for the face. And if people are also skeptical, it is in particular because in 2017, the brand St. Ives was sued for its use of ground nut powder as the flagship ingredient of its product “Apricot Scrub”.

funky makeup bagsThe ground nut powder remains a fairly controversial ingredient when it comes to skin care…
The response of a dermatologist funky makeup bags
Faced with the debate and many questions, our colleagues from the American site “Shape.com” wanted to question a renowned dermatologist on the use of nuts in cosmetics. “The nut powder comes from crushed nut shells, and none of them are safe for the skin. Their jagged edges cause micro-cuts on the skin, which damage the skin barrier and can cause skin irritation, enlarged pores and even worsen acne, ” says Howard Sobel, MD, board dermatologist and founder from Sobel Skin.
Apparently, the type of nuts in a skin care product doesn’t matter. If the size or consistency of the ingredient is large enough or too irregular, it can lead to scratches, abrasions and other skin damage, adds Deanne Robinson, MD, dermatologist who graduated from the dermatology board of directors. modern Connecticut.
With regard to the scrub with Kylie Jenner nuts, it is therefore possible that certain inconveniences may arise: “People with healthy skin can exfoliate their face by using a daily cleanser or toner. For a more intense exfoliation, use an exfoliating mask with a slightly higher concentration of fruit acids and enzymes once or twice a week but avoid nuts, ” explains Dr. Sobel.
5 good alternatives where exfoliation and softness blend perfectly: