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Importance of colocation uk

Hatchling: $8.95 a month for 1 website and unlimited storage, bandwidth and databases.

colocation uk

Baby: $11.95 a month for unlimited storage, databases, bandwidth and sites.

Business: $16.95 per month for unlimited sites, bandwidth and storage. Dedicated IP is included. The entire price amount is expected to be paid ahead of time.

Pros Cons

Generous storage: It includes unlimited storage for many of their plans. However, you can’t have over 250,000 documents in total.

Infinite bandwidth: The traffic you are able to get is not caped either.

Great speed: It performed fairly well in our speed tests.

Hidden fees: For instance, a $25 fee is charged if you need to restore a backup.

Aggressive marketing: They always push you into purchasing extra add-ons and attributes you most likely won’t want — that can get annoying.

Unreliable service: At times I had to wait some time to be connected with a support agent and they weren’t always resolutive.

Missing attributes: If you are looking to acquire staging areas, server-side-caching, free copies or pre-installed Git repositories, HostGator isn’t for you.

Just US information centers: It doesn’t have servers away from the united states.

Who’s HostGator for?

To be honest, even if their colocation uk hosting is strong and their costs OK, I believe other providers such as DreamHost or SiteGround offer more for your money.

Attempt HostGator: www.hostgator.com


Bluehost is the largest EIG hosting provider and they have gathered a great deal of popularity. WordPress recommends them , possibly because they have been one of the first suppliers to implement WordPress installations.

Bluehost Cheap hosting Costs:

Basic: $8.99 for 1 site and up to 50 GB of storage.

Plus: $12.99 for infinite storage and websites.

Choice Plus: $16.99 for unlimited storage and websites. Better backup options out there.

Pro: $25.99 Choice Plus features and higher performance.

The aforementioned costs are for 12-month deals. Take note that the amount is expected to be paid in advance. With Bluehost, you may buy 24 and bargains — the longer the deal the price that is less expensive. Like many other suppliers, Bluehost offers important discounts (over 50%) for the first term.

Affordable first expression: Similar to iPage and HostGator, Bluehost comes with insane discounts for its first semester.

Infinite storage: They won’t limit the storage you can have. However, be aware your inodes count (total number of files), can not be greater than 200,000.

Unmetered bandwidth: There isn’t a bandwidth restriction, you can get as much traffic as you need.

Bad functionality: I was somewhat disappointed with their performance during our evaluations for both speed and bandwidth.

Aggressive upsells: Their backend is stuffed with update offers and (paid) add-on suggestions you probably won’t need.

Poor backups: Unless you’re prepared to purchase the backup add-on, then you won’t have lots of options here.

Bad service: Sadly, I have had bad experiences with their support

Just US servers: You won’t be able to host your site in different locations (e.g. Europe or Asia).

Who is Bluehost for?

It is true that those searching for a cheap hosting provider with cheap first-term deals might find Bluehost interesting. However, other suppliers like A2 Hosting or DreamHost provide more for exactly the identical amount of money (or less).

Try Bluehost: www.bluehost.com


Founded in 1998, this American hosting company supplier powers more than 1 million sites. Like Bluehost and HostGator (and others), iPage is possessed by EIG.

IPage Costs:

Their pricing is a bit different from different providers, they just have 1 strategy. You can opt to purchase it for 1, 2 or 3 years the more the price the cheaper it’ll be for you.

Their first-term costs are very low, for instance, you may lock iPage for 3 years at $1.99 a month. However at renewal, your costs will be much higher (e.g. $9.99 a month for 1-year prices ).

Affordable first duration: iPage provides huge discounts throughout the initial term. But be warned, their costs increase a good deal after.

Unlimited: Actually if they limit the number of inodes (total documents ) you can host, they don’t appear to cap the bandwidth, storage, databases or email accounts you can have.

Slow Servers and poor uptime: In my own experience their hosting providers are somewhat slow and they will need to work a great deal on their own uptime.

Aggressive advertising: They always want you to update or buy one of the add-ons, for me this gets very dull.

Deficient backups: Unless you pay for their additional add-on, you will have a $100 fee for every backup you need to restore — mad.

Bad service: Just like many EIG goods, their client care is not brilliant.

Only US servers: There are not any info centers outside the united states, this might not be ideal for clients outside North America.