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HostGator Shared Hosting Costs:

Hatchling: $8.95 a month for 1 site and unlimited storage, databases and bandwidth.

Baby: $11.95 per month for unlimited storage, databases, sites and bandwidth.

Business: $16.95 per month for unlimited websites, bandwidth and storage. Dedicated IP is included. The entire price amount is expected to be paid ahead of time.

Pros Cons

Generous storage: It includes unlimited storage for many of their plans. You can not have more than 250,000 files in total.

Unlimited bandwidth: The traffic you can get isn’t caped either.

Good rate: It performed pretty well in our speed tests.

Hidden charges: For example, a $25 fee is charged if you need to restore a backup.

Aggressive marketing: They always push you into buying extra add-ons and attributes you probably won’t need — this can get annoying.

Unreliable service: At times I had to wait a while to become connected with a support agent and they weren’t always resolutive.

Missing attributes: If you are looking to get staging places, server-side-caching, free backups or pre-installed Git repositories, then HostGator isn’t for you.

Only US information centers: It does not have servers away from the US.

Who’s HostGator for?

To tell the truth, even if their colocation uk hosting is solid and their prices OK, I believe other suppliers like DreamHost or SiteGround provide more for the money.

Attempt HostGator: www.hostgator.com


Bluehost is the most significant EIG hosting provider and they’ve gathered a lot of popularity. Because they have been one of the first providers to implement WordPress installations, they are suggested by WordPress, perhaps.

Bluehost Cheap Hosting Prices:

Fundamental: $8.99 for 1 site as well as 50 GB of storage.

Option Plus: $16.99 for unlimited storage and websites. Better backup selections out there.

Pro: $25.99 Choice Plus features and higher performance.

The above prices are for 12-month prices. Be aware that the complete amount is expected to be paid beforehand. Together with Bluehost, you can buy bargains — that the longer the deal the price that is less expensive and 24. Like many other providers, Bluehost offers important discounts (over 50%) for the first term.

Pros Cons

Affordable first term: Similar to iPage and HostGator, Bluehost comes with crazy discounts for the initial term.

Unlimited storage: They won’t restrict the storage you can have. But take note that your inodes count (total number of files), can’t be higher than 200,000.

Bad performance: I was a bit disappointed with their performance through our evaluations for both speed and bandwidth.

Aggressive upsells: Their backend is stuffed with update offers and (paid) add-on suggestions you probably won’t require.

Poor backups: Unless you are willing to purchase the backup add-on, you won’t have lots of choices here.

Bad service: Sadly, I have had bad experiences with their service

Only US servers: You won’t have the ability to host your website in other places (e.g. Europe or Asia).

Who is Bluehost for? However, other suppliers like A2 Hosting or DreamHost provide more for the identical amount of cash (or less).

Attempt Bluehost: www.bluehost.com

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Ipage cheap web hosting

Launched in 1998, this American hosting company provider powers over 1 million sites. Much like Bluehost and HostGator (and many others ), iPage is possessed by EIG.

IPage Costs:

Their pricing is a little different from other providers, they just have 1 plan. It is possible to decide to buy it for 1, 3 or 2 years the longer the deal the cheaper it’ll be for youpersonally.

Their first-term costs are extremely low, as an instance, you may lock iPage for 3 years at $1.99 a month. However at renewal, your costs will be a lot greater (e.g. $9.99 a month to get 1-year deals).

Pros Cons

Affordable first duration: iPage offers huge discounts during the first term. But be warned, a lot increases after.

Unlimited: Even if they restrict the amount of inodes (total documents ) it is possible to host, they don’t appear to cap the storage, bandwidth, databases or email accounts you can have.

Slow Servers and bad uptime: In my experience their hosting services are a bit slow and they will need to work a lot on their own uptime.

Aggressive marketing: They constantly want you to upgrade or purchase one of the add-ons, for me this gets really dull.

Deficient copies: Unless you cover their extra add-on, you will have a $100 fee for each backup you want to restore — crazy.

Bad support: Just like most EIG goods, their customer care is not brilliant.

Just US servers: There aren’t any data centers outside the US, this might not be perfect for customers outside North America.