Best top Instagram features and updates 

Show your backstage

This may seem trivial for some, but showing behind the scenes to fans can create a close relationship with them. Man is curious about nature and always wants to know what’s behind the curtain that separates them from your company. Raise them from time to time and give importance to your fans. Show that behind a product or service, there is above all a team that works to satisfy its customers.

Take the example of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Sephora who apply this process very seriously to get closer to their community. Reveal what was previously private or unknown to your customers! Offer them exclusivity.

Offer a virtual tour

After products or services are sometimes inaccessible, there are places that it is not necessarily easy to access for certain reasons (distance, price of entry, etc.). Some would be happy to discover what is behind these doors! The White House understood it and proposed a video hyperlapse of 15 seconds in which we have a brief overview of the interior (1st vignette). Hotels can also use it (see 2nd vignette) to discover the surrounding area very quickly.

 Raise excitement around an event

You may have already created an event and you probably know that it’s not just about telling your audience that you’re organizing one. No, you must also hold them breathless, give them mouth water, make them want to participate or follow through social networks. Hyperlapse adapts very well to this kind of things.

Do your guests or your audience have a good time? Show it! Seeing people enjoy your event is a form of social proof. Maybe some people will regret not coming to your event and will not miss the next opportunity.

Tell stories

A picture is worth a thousand words! Just see all the excitement around social networks that revolve around images like Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr. The benefits of broadcasting content through the image (or video) are many: more interactivity, better retention of the broadcast message, and play on the emotional aspect of your audience or even more engagement.

Everyone knows the importance of hashtags on Instagram. For example, it is important for businesses to find public photos and videos that have been tagged with a relevant #hashtag on their behalf.

Since January 2018, Instagram is gradually restricting access to its API, Instagram Platform API. As of July 31, 2018, the following services have been rendered unavailable:

List of real Instagram followers: to read the list of followers and tracked users

Relationships: to track and track accounts on behalf of a user.

Comment on public content: to post and delete comments on behalf of a user on public media.

These decisions are intended to protect the privacy of the users of the platform.

Instagram launches new Hashtag search function for business accounts

New Hashtag search feature for businesses

With this new feature, businesses will continue to:

Discover the content,

Measure the reach of their marketing campaigns,

Understand the public’s sense of their brand.

However, Instagram will now limit the number of unique hashtags that companies can retrieve per week and remove the “username” from the fields returned.

Hyperlapse may be a big opportunity in visual storytelling. It’s up to you to be creative, inventive and to make an impression. You will need to put together a consistent and exciting story with strong emotional power. The thumbnails below illustrate it very well.