3 Reasons To Not Use Wix For Your Site — A Short Wix Review

I have frequently had clients come to me after using Wix or Weebly to build a web site and ask for some help making their sites more visible. And there lies the rub. Wix makes it quite simple to construct a site that is performing, and rather easy to build a website.

Wix makes it effortless to build a nice website, and very easy to construct a poor performing one. If you approach creating a site as an’easy’ task then you have started off on the wrong foot. I like to believe that I know what looks good but if I attempted to design a booklet it would appear shocking — I’m not a graphic designer and wouldn’t pretend to be one, so why should you pretend for a site developer as soon as your company is dependent upon your website? .

When it was’easy’ to create a website that works then there would not be thousands and thousands of blog posts about search engine optimisation (SEO), best email hosting, off and on site standing management and conversion optimization.

Personally, I believe most companies, especially small to moderate ones, do not spend sufficient time on their website brief. Quite often it is because they do not understand what to ask about or the web agencies don’t take the time. Business owners shouldn’t necessarily understand what questions to ask — your own company is your speciality, you should be able to trust your internet developer to ask the right questions. Before you do that you need to stop and believe, and work out exactly what your business needs to your internet presence. In addition to that you need to ensure you have implemented some online monitoring so you know how it’s performing, and put up Google tools that were essential to have insights from your website that can drive your marketing decisions.

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Yes, I’ve seen expensive websites without Google Analytics installed — a basic oversight you shouldn’t get when spending thousands of bucks. I had a person call me to make their site more visible. They spent $100 on their own site. Company has that’cheap’ site cost them? It probably ends up the site has cost them thousands in lost business.

This is exactly why it should not be’simple’ to create a web site. What looks good does work well. Wix Hides Complexities That is another advantage! Hiding complexities in site development is not always a fantastic thing. Wix makes it easy to design websites like brochures and they’re not. What you see isn’t what Google sees. It around mobile and content friendliness and things like that, although Google does take user experience into consideration. One of the most basic elements Google cares about what they tell about the webpage and are your page names are structured, yet for a Wix sites I have seen, there’s not any attention paid despite Wix to this supporting SEO configurations.

Google doesn’t care if your button looks fine, or your image is stunning. Once you don’t know what to do, the search result below is rather typical. There’s no call to act from the result, and the description does not say what the page is all about. If this is one of ten similar results I click a more enticing one.

Boost Google Search Ranking – Bad Example

By concealing these tips it makes it very simple to become really pleased with your new site and go and yell about it to the world. You keep yelling as that might wind up being the very best method to get your site found as it may not be found by Google.

You need to know about all the trickier bits that make up your web presence like SEO, off site business listings, testimonials and more. A graph by specialist company MOZ revealed your website only makes a part of your presence up — there is backlinks, company listings, citations and your website. Without all of those your customers may not found you, so your site that was Wix will fall short of this mark.

I’ve seen briefs and quotations which don’t signify the most basic operation a company demands, and they frequently treat SEO as an’optional extra’. It isn’t. It’s essential and implementing steps will make a difference.

  1. Wix Hosts Your Website

If your site starts performing slower than normal a decent web host is a good place to get started. If there is a website based on one of those open source content management systems like WordPress or Silverstripe there’s a whole bunch of hosting companies needing your buck to host your website. Some are excellent, and some are bad.

Generally I don’t like the idea of working with a proprietary content management system whether its a platform such as Wix, or one created by your agency. If you fall out with the party or outgrow them you will most likely need to begin again. Whilst WordPress isn’t the platform that is only available, I have had business owners ask me whether it is a option or does it’just’ get utilized by bloggers? Techcrunch use Mashable and WordPress used to use it I can safely say their websites are likely larger that yours.

If you develop your website using Wix you don’t have any place to go — they host your site and you can’t go elsewhere, which brings me to the next point.